miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Good night readers.

Sometimes people has revelations, most of the times the revealed things are things that always were there, but for one or another reason people just don't want to see them. I had a revelation, so i'm going to speak in first person for this post.

There isn't a most powerful distortion than the one that you can create by your own. Sometimes you just prefer to think nice, positive, even friendly, about evil facts, or persons. "It must be me, it can't be like that" -you think- but the facts shows once and again just the opposite, so one day you just open your eyes and see the things like they really are. After that you can't be blinded by the sun again, not by that sun at least. From that point everything can be seen clearly and can be surprising the amount of details that you never saw before.

It´s like if after being lying under the sun for a while you go to a dark room, and when your pupils reacts and gets used to the darkness you discover that the room is full of dead bodies. They were there since you came in, but you only could see them after a while, and when you really discover what's inside the room the shock is guaranteed.

Sometimes people can be like dark rooms too. Dark rooms full of dead rotten bodies. The previous victims of that blindness. The cannibalism isn't an old fashioned cultural topic of some lost islands in the pacific. Modern cannibalism exists too in our society, but instead of human flesh, what those cannibals eat are souls.

Those cannibals are most of the times as cowards as the poor Robert Ford. They just drain everything of their victims with a smile in the face, using friendship or love to show themselves, but hidden under layers and layers is where the real monsters live. Pretending to be nice and charming persons they hide demons inside. They use their power -always based on the force and never in the morale- to satisfy themselves and their egos. They will never face the consequences of their acts, the destruction and devastation that they leave behind, just as if they were Attila's horse. There is no shame or honor, so there is no problems to throw the stone and hide the hand. They show no mercy. Never.

Be aware of those monsters my friends, there are too many of them and they live with us. Don't let yourselves be glamored by the first sight. Always dig inside, question yourselves about what you see and feel, and if you can find the tiniest trace of this rotten behavior, just run away from it before it's too late and it will eat your souls.

Now i just wonder how to live with no soul, mine was eaten, chewed and spitted back in my face. Just for the fun of it. For the very first time in a very very long time i have doubts about my Karma. I just can't wait until time will put everyone in the right place. If i weren't feeling so weak and ashamed about my mistakes in the perception, probably i would fight back for myself, fuck the Karma. I prefer to deal with angry Karma than to live ashamed for one of those soul eaters again.

I am alone and scared, if you love me and you can, please come to see me.

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