martes, 5 de julio de 2011

The last survivor

Good evening,

last weeks had been so long and so short at the same time. So many things happened, my life didn't stop to change and at the same time i already have a routine. So, so many contradictory feelings are overwhelming me day after day and I'm exhausted.

So let's apology first of all because i couldn't keep my promise. Those last weeks i just couldn't write. My mood wasn't the right one, i was so tired because of my new life and also i was so damn busy most part of the time. Still i guess i had time enough to write few lines as i used to do before, but this shouldn't be a sad blog and writing like i was probably would turn into it, so i just preferred to think for myself, not writing anything of it.

After so long without writing i don't even know where i should start. Probably the most important thing is that i started to work.

Now I'm working for an American company, for now i will remain unsaid the name of the company, i know they read me often, and i remark that is an American company because they have American ways, which for me is like a pain in the ass. Now I'm starting to get used to it, but first weeks were so hard. I was about to quit several times.

First of all is that they control everything you do, from the webs that you visit to the time you spend in the toilet, just everything, so i feel a bit like under the eye of the big brother most part of my day, thing that I've never liked. Also they have this sect ways so American. You know, "our company is the best", "our workers are the best", "to work is fun" and things like that. Things that i can listen about ten times per day easily and sooner or later i guess i will start to believe, even when i am probably the most skeptical man i know.

I have to wake up now at seven to be at work at nine and a half, -one hour travel, bus plus trolley- but the two first weeks i had to wake up at six, and all the ones who know me well can imagine what it meant to me. For those who doesn't know me so well or just doesn't know me, for 3 years that was my time to start to think about going to sleep, so the change in my life was huge. But about he job i will have so many chances to write and i don't have so much time now, so i will go on with other topics.

Again i was at Otepää, or to be more precise, at Kunstimäe. - -
This time was a five day party to celebrate the shortest night of the year, even when actually there was no night at all. Again the place was too beautiful to describe  it, the weather had some considerations with us and only rained a bit a couple of days, and in general was so pleasant to be there. Good music almost 24h per day, cold beer and so many people. Few not-so-good things happened also, but those ones shouldn't be said here. I only wanted to say that without vodka or nasty hangovers the place is even better. Oh! and also i can say now that I'm not the only Spanish man who can't play football anymore. It seems I'm quite good throwing free kicks. Who could imagine that?

It's being a Spanish summer, with quite many days over 30º and i still wonder where is that cold who scares everyone here. I guess when the autumn will introduce it to me will be too late to run away, but still I'm curious, for now it's being way much better weather than any summer at Ribadeo, to put an example.

And now to finish for today i will let you just a brush stroke of what probably will be the main subject of my next posts. The search for a flat in Tallinn, or "How to live in a decent place without selling your soul to the real estate agents".

I hope next post will be soon, but just in case be good and behave meanwhile.

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  1. I've just seen some pics of Otepää and Valga County countryside in Google Earth and I must say that I've found it to be astoundingly beautiful. By the way, did you know that we have our own Valga here in Galicia? A couple of pictures: