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Today my post will be about something that i really don't want to speak about here. A bit more than a month ago, when i decided to write this blog i drew a line for myself. Here i didn't want to speak about sensitive topics like politics, religion or even football, i didn't want to mention full names when i'm speaking about people i care about, and didn't want to show faces in order to respect the privacy of those who are with me.

Some of that rules are already broken, even when i asked for permission to do it, but this time i'm afraid i will have to break another one. I won't dive deep analyzing the Spanish politics or politicians, but i'm going to set a few headlines of what is going on in Spain -and now all over Europe- with this movement called the Spanish revolution.

First of all i should say that this movement is an apolitical and peaceful movement that just wants to complaint about how rotten is the system right now. It's a social network phenomena that started few days before the local elections had happen in Spain on may the 15th and it was about taking some public squares and sit there to protest in a peaceful way against the system like it is now. Just to sit in the street should be a good way to be seen, to show to the politicians that the people is not happy with the present situation.

Spain is a quite big country, we're almost 50 million people now, and in such a big country the situation is this. There are two big parties that controls about the 95% of the parliament. According with the present electoral system you only can vote for one party, but you can't decide or even have an opinion about the people that will represent that party and defend your ideas at the parliament. That means that the parties itself, who are financed by banks or private institutions or people, are the ones who decide who will be there, who will represent the votes that they could collect. And that means also that as far as they owe quite many favors to the people and institutions who support them, the members of parliament aren't chosen with your votes but yes according with the interests of the party, not even with the interests of the country.

That situation lead us to the present, where hundreds of elected politicians are waiting for a sentence in proceedings related to corruption, misappropriate public funds and many other similar cases. Also the ones who are already condemned are kind of popular heroes and the very few that had to go to the jail live there with the benefits of a luxury hotel. 

It's true that the innocence of everyone should be presumed until there are evidences against it, but the voters who are exercising their human right to vote shouldn't have to deal with those ridiculous situations. You can have your ideas about which party do you want to have as your representative at the parliament, but you can't choose who will be and maybe you have some issues with the people chosen by the party to do such job, but you have no rights to say anything against it. Only to wait 4 more years and change your vote, putting yourself in the same situation again but with the opposite party.

For me at least that's the main thing that the spanish revolution wants to achieve. Open lists in the elections, in order to choose by yourself the people that you think could represent your ideas or hopes in the best way. You choose the party but also who will be the people who will be there to represent you and defend your ideas.

Also, as far as this is a movement created by the hopeless youth they just ask for really basic things that probably could help changing a bit this worldwide crisis situation. Here it goes a list of the demands.

1.- No more privileges for the politicians.
In the present they have so many privileges. For life pays, fiscal benefits and many other things that only them can have, discriminating all the other workers and making that to be a politician can be something so profitable, even if you don't care about politics.

2.- A proper plan against the unemployment.
Human rights chart says that everyone has the right to work, but that's not real in our present society.

3.- The right to have a place to live.
Another human right that because of the banks and speculators it's an utopia.

4.- Good and competent public services.
You have to be in Spain to know what is this about, but bureaucracy and money wasting in public services could be our second names. There should be someone to control the budgets and the way the money is spent.

5.- Control of the banks.
There should be a government agency to control the way the banks operates and how many debts they can create.

6.- Tax system.
Here quite many modifications are needed, but the main one should be higher taxes for the people or companies who has more, pure common sense.

There are quite many other things that should be changed or modified, but those are the main pillars of the spanish revolution movement. The reason why there are more than one million people camping in so many places all over Spain. As the situation in Europe it's not so different this movement is spreading all over Europe. France, Italy, Greece, Netherlands... are some of the countries that are starting to join this movement.

As my intention is so far to give political advices or opinions, to create anxiety or any other thing but explaining the facts, i won't speak about how the government are dealing with this manifestations. Just to say that in youtube it's quite easy to find how the police beated people in Barcelona this weekend or yesterday in Paris.
Look for them and create your own opinion about it.

Probably this will end not changing so many things, but now the seed it's planted. The idea is in so many heads already and i really hope that this young people  that is fighting with their presence, but with no violence, against the present situation, will get the power soon in order to go back to the basic. The people wellness, and not just the companies one.

I hope this wasn't too boring for all of you, but from here it's all i can do to help what i really hope will be the future of my country.


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  1. Este lunes o martes desalojarán a la fuerza a los indignados de Sol.

    Es una lástima que no se haya canalizado correctamente este movimiento espontáneo. Surgen disensiones dentro del movimiento. Las feministas acusan a sus compañeros de agresión sexual y tratamiento vejatorio y abandonan el barco. Se crean mil comisiones de todo tipo que no llevan a nada (alguien dijo alguna vez "si quieres que un asunto permanezca sin solucionar, crea una comisión") y además talleres de tipo "danza del vientre", "tai-chi", "comida biológica". Se echan en falta acciones directas tipo manifestación en lugares claves (ministerios, bancos, grandes empresas, CEOE), encierros, etc...

    ¿Pero es que en la ESO no les enseñan cómo fabricar un cóctel molotov? :)