miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Novocaine for the soul

As Eels used to say, music can be a good drug for the soul, it can calm it down, inspire it or just fix it, and in this last step is where i´m in now, so if you want to try some of my medicine just have some.

Oh, be careful with it, as any medicine it´s use should be supervised by a doctor.

1.- Jimi Hendrix: Hear my train comin´. -What can i say, just a lovely acoustic blues.

2.- Blind Melon: No rain. -Cool video, cool song and good message.-


3.- The Smashing Pumpkins: Mayonaise. -Epic song, a pity that the song doesn´t have a proper video.

4.- Radiohead: Creep. -Even being really obvious and sometimes even too popular, one of the best songs ever.

5.- The Arcade Fire: Crown of love. -The volume must be to the 11 and the chicken skin and the shivers are guaranteed.

6.- Eels: Novocaine for the soul. -Great song, even better title.

 7.- Little Barrie: Free salute -Great band, really good.

Ant that´s it for this morning, if you´re curious every song tells an interesting story, but if you don´t anyway all of them are supercool songs.

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