miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

The party (Chpt. 2)

Tere hommikust.

Now i guess i can go on with my stories about this long and intense weekend. After a night without sleeping and seven chapters of Sons Of Anarchy in a row i really needed some rest.

We were on friday, when the real party started. After a common morning, or maybe not so common because we had an unbelievable spring day and we could have a nice lunch at the yard, i started to pack my stuff for the weekend, luckily i was clever enough to pick up some pills for my stomach, thing that was really useful on saturday morning. About mid afternoon our friends arrived to pick me up and we started a really beautiful trip across Estonia, from Tallinn to a place quite close from Tartu called Otepää. In there, about 10 or 15 km away was the house where we were going, Kunstimäe. The whole trip was so beautiful, going in the car as it were a magic carpet, flying over the endless estonian green fields and the birch trees forests. After several pit stops where we refuelled our souls and took incredible pictures, we arrived to our destiny.

An amazing place next to a river, which we crossed through a charming little wooden bridge, with soft hills and the estonian spring in all its splendour. Just a dream place with endless gardens, a fairy tale pond and billions of birds singing. I almost couldn't believe that.

Our incredible hosts, always with a big smile in their faces, received us with a cold beer and we emptied the car to set the Hi-Fi equipment that we were carrying. Music it's always an important thing in a party, and when i could see the whole set working i knew that it wouldn't be a problem here. In a huge dining room, actually a whole house made with that purpose, like if it were a gigantic loft, we had al sorts of gadgets, from keyboards, synthesizers and microphones, to a couple of DJ turntables and a mixer. The dream of any amateur DJ -or not so amateur- would be the spinal bone for our party.

After a while the other guests started to arrive and the party itself started. Most of them were new people for me so i was jumping from one group to another, meeting new people, being introduced to each one of those friends that are going to this party for more than ten years already, and soon i could realized why it was so good and successful.

As any estonian party i've been into until now there was a lot to drink and eat. We made an informal dinner next to a bar and started to drink meanwhile the music was starting to warm up the party as we were doing with our bodies with the beers, mojitos and vodka.

The vodka should deserve a whole chapter, but i'll try to put everything here. This party was about the birthday of one of our hosts, and he was quite interested in showing me the vodka tradition. So after several tries that i refused to drink it, i agreed to try one. They drink it in a specific way. There must be prickles or tomato slices to eat after drink it and every glass of it deserves a toast. In this case a birthday was reason enough to make so many toasts, so even when i skipped quite many of them in the end i had like 15 and well... Last time i was so drunk like that probably i still hadn't a proper beard. Was a nightmare. Feeling that dizziness that only alcohol can give. Having to keep my eyes closed to not feel like if i were in a carousel or a Ferris wheel. Felling asleep in the garden, in the toilet... a complete mess. I was green like a lime and i was feeling like someone were wanting to rip my stomach trough the mouth with bare hands. About 2 AM i just couldn't go on. Somehow i could reach my bed and fell dead until next day. The Spanish dude had an incredible society presentation. Could it be worse? I still feel ashamed of myself, even when everybody else was quite drunk too.

Saturday morning i had to take those pills i brought for my stomach. It was pure fire. But surprisingly the hangover wasn't so bad as i expected, only my stomach was so bad.

I woke up, went outside and had a breakfast lying in the grass under the sun while the kids were playing and the other friends were turning red slowly while i only could be even more tanned.

After the breakfast, some rest and so so many mosquito bites we started to work. Kunstimäe it's not only the house that my friend's parents have, it's also a Rural Hotel and there is always a lot of work to do, so the party is about that also, we go there and have fun but also we help a bit with the hard work. Being so many people even the hardest task it's easy to do. And it's what we did. We worked until lunchtime, had a lunch and some rest, then a bit more of work and then party again. This time at the sauna. Most part of the girls and me too were too bad to party, so i just went to see how it was, but i couldn't start again with the vodka or whatever else. Again i gave up early, but the party was so good as i could see in my room mates when they arrived. Wasted was not enough to describe them.

Sunday again was the same thing, wonderful breakfast, some sunbaths, some work, wonderful lunch and some rest until we came back to Tallinn. The weekend was exhausting but just too good. Even with my issues with the vodka one of the best parties i've been into in last years.

Thank you all -you know who i mean- for your hospitality and your patience with the brown Spaniard who came to the land of snow. I hope to be back in there soon.

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