lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

And after the storm...

Tere Hommikust!

Today is a great day. It´s a sunny, warm and beautiful spring day. The kind of days when you feel alive and happy even when you don´t have special reasons for that. But in my case i do have quite many reasons to feel like that.

First of all because today it´s the first day after one of the best weekends i can remember.

I must say that on Thursday, when my weekend started i wasn´t feeling so good as you could read in my last post. My world was grey and cloudy, my feelings were so intense and not positive and everything seemed to be like a nightmare. But once again i´ve been saved. I had the chat that i needed so badly, a nice walk to the beach, i could open my heart almost completely and it really worked. The huge load that i was carrying for no reason just disappeared and since then,and  feeling so light i could enjoy all the things that i couldn´t enjoy before.

That delicious warm breeze made all the clouds that were covering everything around me, letting me see only the grey side of life, just melt. Thank you Miss Zoidberg for that breeze, it saved me again.

And since then everything was beautiful, relaxed, the kind of things that can make you feel alive. The pleasure of doing something nice with somebody that also fills you. Each minute was like one more breath of fresh air, that could fill my lungs and make my body work for some more time. Just too good. Someday i really hope to have those same feelings everyday and then i´ll be really complete. I´ll have the answer that i´ve been looking for for such a long time.

Lots of things were done, beautiful places were visited and even some really good pictures were taken. There was few negative things also, but nothing that could be bad enough to ruin one of the best weekends ever. I hope it wasn´t only me who could enjoy it that much. I´m sure i wasn´t.

Those last days, everything that happened in them were reason enough to come to Estonia and change my life forever.

I feel alive and happy.

This is for you my dear Miss Zoidberg.

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