domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

A long weekend

Good afternoon!

It's being a weird time for me, a time of changes. In a week i will start to work after three years without working and i'm a bit scared of it. Not because of the job itself, which i think it won't be a challenge at all for me, but because of the new routines i will have to learn again.

Three years is a lot of time, specially when every single day is the same like in that Bill Murray's movie "The groundhog day" For so long i just used to wake up at lunchtime, to have a couple of coffees, to have some lunch, to watch tv, to be sitting in front of the computer and like that until i could see the sunlight, that was the indicator to go to sleep again.

My new routines will have to be so different to that life that i've been living for such a long time and even when since i came to Estonia i worked a lot on them i still don't really know how well i will stand a 9 to 5 job, to wake up at 7 or earlier to arrive on time to the workplace and to have only two or three hours for myself everyday.

Maybe because of that, maybe because of the spring or because it was the time for it the fact is that i'm going out more than ever in so so many time. That is so good because it means at last i'm kind of fixed, but also means that i'm going back to the nightlife, just the opposite of what i will need from next week.

Social life here in Estonia for me is priceless. I don't have the chance to meet many people if it's not in this way, going to parties or going out with my friends here. I speak everyday with people, but you know, it's not the same the way you can speak while you are having lunch than when you are in front of a beer in a pub. And those conversations are really important too, even when for so long i was too inside myself to be able to enjoy them.

This weekend again luckily i can say that i had fun. A lot of fun. And that i went out more than once. On friday i went to explore the old town nightlife. My dear friend and me took our pith helmets, our binoculars and went in the seek for wild animals like tigers, leopards and zebras. We found seven in the end after a pleasant but short night together. Some drinks, some really needed chats and the feeling of the friendship growing and growing, thing that for me at least is a big need. Great friday that ended later at home having another really needed conversation, a conversation that had to happen in the nineties and had to wait until the second decade of the XXI century. I am so messy, but this was just too much.

And then the saturday arrived. In the morning the only plan already made was to go to a concert of my friend's choir. They sing in a folk choir, those ones that are so popular and important in every single way here. The concert was a night one, at 23h -really late here for any activity- and in a beautiful place, a castle placed in the middle of a nice and charming park, even when it was completely full of mosquitoes. The thing is that in the end i went to a birthday party before and after the concert. The concert itself was so good, as it was the place where it happened. Some new songs that i've never heard before and were quite moving. It was so cool. But the party was cooler i have to say. They rented a place to do it, there was catering, a waiter, all sorts of drinks and even a wonderful coffee machine. We brought there the same sound equipment that we had in the Otepää party of last week and well, that was a good party. Good music with friends being the DJ's, good and tasty food, variety in drinks... the ideal for any party but for real. Even all the girls were beautiful. We were there having fun until 4 AM and then we went to eat pizza. This city has wonderful things.

I just hope to not be late my first day of work.

Now some pictures of this weekend. The blurry ones are like that on purpose.

PS: Sorry about the style today, as far as i didn't sleep more than few hours my writing style can't be so good today.

PS2: It's always cool to see the dawn of the day at 3 and something AM, don't you think?

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